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Groundwater Quality Issues

The City of Kalamazoo presents the following to keep you informed on the iron issues and Lead and Copper Program details as they relate to our groundwater.


National Secondary Water Standards (pdf)
Iron in Drinking Water Study (pdf)
Iron in Drinking Water Fact Sheet (pdf)

Lead and Copper Program Resources

Lead Poisoning, Know the Facts (pdf)
Cleaning Your Aerators (pdf)
Well Fed Mean Less Lead (pdf)
Lead and Copper Program (LCP) educational video | View on YouTube
15-Second Radio Ad | 30-Second Radio Ad | All Radio Ads and PSAs
Proposed Lead and Copper Rule Changes
Lead: Talking Points (pdf)
City of Parchment Fact Sheet (pdf) - November 2018
Kettering University Water Update (pdf) - January 2016

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Get Involved!

You can help keep Kalamazoo's water clean! Some tactics include using your property wisely, disposing of hazardous products properly, conserving water, and more. Learn about proper disposal and ways to conserve water.