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Protect Your Water uses a variety of media to bring message to you! Currently you can find our messages in movie theaters, on YouTube and on the radio.

Concerned About Kalamazoo's Drinking Water?

Radio Ads/Public Service Announcements

Restaurant Week Radio Ad - 15 Seconds

Restaurant Week Radio Ad - 30 Seconds

Lead and Copper Radio Ad - 15 Seconds

Lead and Copper Radio Ad - 30 Seconds

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Groundwater PSA

City of Kalamazoo Brew Pub or Coffee Shop

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Stormwater PSA

City of Kalamazoo Drink Wash Cook

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Etc.

City of Kalamazoo End Of Beer Week

City of Battle Creek Bill Brownstone

City of Kalamazoo Holiday Beer

City of Kalamazoo Beer Week On Air

City of Kalamazoo Restaurant

City of Kalamazoo Battle Creek Bell's Beer

City of Kalamazoo Microbrews

Movie Theater Ads/Videos

Groundwater protection ads are now running as part of the pre-movie trailers at Celebration Cinema Theatre at Crossroads and at Kalamazoo 10 Theatre in Kalamazoo.

The ads cover such topics as the fact that groundwater is the source of drinking water in our county, groundwater properties, the need for groundwater protection, the proper disposal of hazardous household products to prevent groundwater contamination and the proper management of activities on our property to prevent pollution from entering city storm sewers and ultimately polluting creeks, streams, rivers and lakes. This on-going project has been primarily funded by multiple grants from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Wellhead Protection Program.

Groundwater Video


Drinking Water Video

Groundwater Pollution Video


Hazardous Chemicals Video



Stormwater Video


Residential Property Video



Abandoned, Unused Wells Video


Household Chemical Use Video



Conserve Your Water Video


Companies with Voluntary Spill Response Plans Video



Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention Video


Pharmaceutical Disposal Video



Septic Tanks Video



View the KRESA water movie theater video ad contest winner videos!

Printed Ads

chemical disposal ad

Download chemical disposal ad (PDF)


groundwater ad

Download groundwater ad (PDF)


stormwater ad

Download stormwater ad (PDF)

Looking for more interactivity? Check out our Kids Corner full of games, free educational materials or kits and models!

Metro Bus Ads

You may also see these Metro Bus Ads on several buses in the Kalamazoo Metropolitan area " another piece of the comprehensive public education and outreach campaign implemented by the City of Kalamazoo Wellhead Protection Committee.

Metro Bus Ad

Download Metro Bus Ad #1 (PDF)


Metro Bus Ad

Download Metro Bus Ad #2 (PDF)